Friday, May 03, 2013


It's been a while since I've posted pictures because I got a new phone and have been taking most of my photos on that, and haven't got the system down for getting them on here yet. Glad to finally share these and give you a bit of a visual update on my awesome family.

Our biggest news this week is that M is now a glasses wearer!  She has always had 20/20 vision, but lately was having headaches, so we took her in to get tested and found she's farsighted.  So today is her first day off to school with this new look - hopefully she finds them easy to adjust to.  I think they make her look sharp.

Nolan had fun trying on the little glasses - he'd laugh and check himself out in the mirrors.

Here are Nolan's first paintings!  There is a new Early Years Family Center near us (a 12 minute stroller walk away!) that is full of neat stuff for him, it's open every morning and afternoon (M-F), and is free.  Beat that!  We went last week for the first time with friends, and yesterday afternoon walked over by ourselves.  An hour there sure went fast.

Some of Madeline's new talents - french braiding her own hair, and fish tail braiding.  She did a couple on me the other day, too - that's almost as good as a massage.  Apparently guitar is another new skill, but she just plays at school, so we are looking forward to getting her one at home so she can play more and we can hear her!

This is a typical morning in our house.  Madeline practicing, Nolan getting in her way, somewhere in between pjs and being dressed for the day, with his favorite thing to steal from the fridge - the mustard.

A new friend!  This cat has been hanging around for the last week or so, since I left a bag of garbage on the deck...  The kids both love her, and she's great with Nolan, but she's learned not to come meowing around at night...

Coffee.  Both our kids love coffee.  This one is empty, and decaf.  Should be safe.

This is another common sight.  I take Nolan swimming every couple of weeks, and Madeline has lessons Monday nights, which we all go to (as long as he's had a decent nap!)  At both pools he loves to play in the lockers.  Don't they all?

And snow.  It's going away, finally - from totally covering the swing last week, it's now down to the grass under the swing.  There are still a couple big piles, but I think spring has finally arrived.  Nolan loves being outside and doesn't mind the snow at all; it takes a lot for him to be too cold or tired enough to want to go in.

Have a great weekend!!

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MOM / Granny said...

Wow - thanks for all the pictures. So nice to get caught up on your every-day doings. And Maddy looks beautiful in the new glasses! Deja vu seeing Nolan playing in the locker - just like you and your siblings did ages ago.