Friday, May 24, 2013

The Week That Was

We went to Winnipeg for the long weekend and found that this short week sped by! We did get lots of errands run and had some pretty good backyard time, and even a short bike ride.

It took a day to get him used to the helmet, but he loves bike rides, so now he's happy to see it come out.

We found a park to play at while M was at piano, and played on this slide for a solid 20 minutes.

For spring soccer, the girls play outside, but on great turf fields.  Monday's game was early enough for Nolan & I to go to; we have to miss the later ones.

Silas (he's the one in front) brought me a deck of cards from France, and I broke them in playing our 'family game' Pounce.  It's always a good time - little K was doing a great job keeping up!

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