Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Media Star!

This past Monday was Music Monday:
Astronaut Chris Hadfield and Barenaked Ladies frontman Ed Robertson have collaborated between earth and space to co-write the official song for Music Monday 2013. The end-result features Hadfield playing the song from the International Space Station, while Robertson and the Wexford Gleeks, a TDSB school choir, join him to unite in song with schools and communities across our nation.  

At 12 pm Eastern Time and at the exact same time across Canada (...11 a.m. Central Time...) schools and communities from coast to coast will be united by the Music Monday theme song, “ISS – Is Somebody Singing.
(quotes from the Music Monday site.)

 Madeline's school was one of the ones in SK that was participating, and had some media coverage of the event.  She said there were just a few students interviewed, and she was interviewed twice!  I got the links from her music teacher and wanted to share with you - enjoy!!

News Story - (in English) - This link also has the video with the song. 

Radio-Canada - This one's a video, in french.  Choose the Monday, May 6 link (lundi 6 mai), and it's at 4/4, 2:45.

(I think it's funny that these are both radio stations, but one is a printed article and one is a video...)

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