Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Camping Highlights

The Victoria Day holiday in the middle of May marks the first weekend of the camping season - "May Long"  if you live in Saskatchewan. We went up to Greenwater Lake and met up with friends from Saskatoon, and there were plenty of highlights:

* Packing the first aid kit and finding a 'what to pack list in it that I had cut out of a magazine.  So helpful!

* The views on the drive up: the soft new spring green of the valley, the dark storm skies over glowing bright yellow fields, the sun rays streaming down through the clouds...

* Madeline reading Nolan a story on the way up "...mooses, meeces, moosi... What is the plural of moose?"

* Nolan having so much fun playing outside, in the trees, in the dirt, free to run.

* Using the 'Night Sky' ap to check out the constellations.

* Watching Haley do 'poi' and teaching M who caught on pretty quick to the basics.

* Sunday morning:  Me: Nolan, you make us happy.  Nolan: Yes, I do.

* "This is the best feeling in the world!" -M, after learning to chop wood.

* "I need to golf." -N, picking up a ball and club.

* Seeing Sean and M coming back from dumping the waste and seeing M at the wheel of the truck!!

* The shimmery tinkling of the ice on the water - yes, there was still ice on the lake, and at the one beach where it was right up to shore, there was a nasty cold wind coming off it, but the sound was enchanting.

* We went 'treasure hunting' and found two geocaches - that brings us up to 24 finds for TeamLinz.

* Seeing so many deer and rabbits.  We saw lots of gophers and squirrels, too, but they were more pests.

* M enjoyed spending time with the other girls and riding her bike; Nolan liked biking and going to the parks and the dogs our friends brought along.

* Having a borrowed trailer and not a tent.  :)

* Driving through Kelvington on the way back and seeing the places Sean used to live & work.

May Long is a cold camping weekend, and I need to add long johns to my packing list, but we will definitely do it again.  We are already looking forward to the next trip coming up (and at the surprise that these same friends will be at the same campground for part of it!)  I love that we are a camping family.

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