Tuesday, May 06, 2014


What have you been thinking lately?

I've been thinking about thinking.  Specifically, paying attention to what I am thinking and stopping myself from thinking things that are not helpful, things that are negative and should not be allowed space in my brain; choosing instead to think about solutions to those problems, or on any number of positive thoughts.  I'm choosing thoughts that remind me who I am and of all the great qualities of the people around me.

I've mentioned this before, but it's still what I'm thinking, so it's worth mentioning again.  :)

I'm thinking of which way I can drive so we pass machines on our travels.  I'm a mom with a boy.  We were thrilled to get home this morning in time to see the grader work on our alley.

My brother used to tease me about being in love with a little blond boy.  I'm thinking he was seeing into the future!

(*This one's for Girls Only!*) I'm thinking about what a great product the Diva Cup is and recommending it to all my friends.  Look it up and let me know if you have any questions!!

I'm thinking about how much I am looking forward to seeing my family soon and taking in the Canadian women's soccer game there.

I'm thinking about drinking my coffee black.  We are almost out of the vanilla syrup we use a lot, and Sean thought maybe we should take a break from it for a while.  He often drinks his black, but I think I will join him and try it for the rest of May...  Cutting out sugar is never a bad idea.  Yesterday's was not bad after the first few sips, but today's was nasty all the way to the bottom.  I will confess that I had to have an Oreo after...

I'm thinking about all of you who read this and I'm grateful that you care!  XO

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Nicole said...

Love the pic of Nolan watching the truck....My boys LOVED diggers etc. We owned every Mighty Machine video made at that time!! Ezra is now just ready to give up his John Deere room......but we will be keeping all those tractors!! .....Laughed so hard about the oreo!!Too funny!