Monday, November 17, 2014

Just a Catch Up.

A visual catch up of our last couple of weeks:

Nolan finished his second round of swimming lessons with flying colours!  This is the last day of 'Seaturtle' getting a boat ride from the teacher.

This is ONE order - a generous lady down on the US east coast bought 40 coffee cozies to give as Christmas gifts.  :)

We had a quick visit from Granny & Papa.  Nolan and I took Granny to the Children's Play Place and we all had fun.  Painting is his first stop usually, and today Nolan discovered the microphone...!

We took a long weekend vacation and went up to Saskatoon.  We stayed with friends who have a girl M's age, and they had a great time together.  The other girl is younger and was happy to entertain Nolan.  He liked her almost as much as the dogs...  We stayed in a hotel too and hit up the pool and waterslides - I don't think we've all gone swimming together for years.  Lots of fun.  The sled show was the initial attraction and reason for the trip, and we did check it out (some of us twice!), and also took in a hockey game, a children's museum, and played mini golf.  It was a pretty great weekend.  I can say that now since I've forgotten how hard it was being there with a two year old...

And this past Sunday was my first Craft Sale of the season.  I've looked forward to these for a long time, but honestly for part of it I was wondering what my family was up to and thought it might be nicer to be home on the couch.  Ha.  I did sell quite a bit, so was happy with the event overall.  This Friday and Saturday I have another one (and my last one), and it's a long running one that is supposed to be very busy.  Here's hoping I sell a bunch more!

In other news... Today I took photos of Nolan's toddler bed, the glider chair in his room, and the diaper genie and listed them on Kijiji.  We're making room for a big bed!

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