Saturday, November 01, 2014


October was a beautiful month here - the trees held their colourful leaves for a good while, and we had some nice summery weather, which was awesome.

Now that November has hit, I am thinking of sewing and craft sales and making my Christmas gift lists, (and, oh yeah, should we do Christmas cards?)...

Up until last week my focus was getting photos ready to print for the scrapbook retreat; now that I'm back, my focus has been back to building stock for my craft sales.  I was making good progress on getting a stash built up, then I got an order through Etsy from a lady who wanted 40 coffee cozies.  Sweet!  I love big orders.  But that meant that the other stuff is on hold while I finish these up.  I hope to get them in the mail by the middle of next week & will post a photo before they go.  I'll get photos of the scrapbook pages I made and post those, too.

Tonight we did a yoga workout to finish month 2 of P90X3 - 5 weeks to go!  We will keep up probably 3 workouts a week after that, but it will be good to get the every night commitment out of the way.  We have taken 3 nights off this past month (aside from our Sunday rest days) for various reasons.  Funny, I kind of missed them...!  But sometimes you just can't do it.

Halloween is not a big deal around here; Nolan isn't a dresser-upper, and we ended up going to the Pat's hockey game last night.  I did make Madeline an awesome Jedi cape, though, and she looked fantastic.  I will have to get a photo to post of that, too...

Another passion that has flared up again is for writing letters.  A goal that I've wanted to go for for a long time is to stay of top of making & sending birthday cards for a whole year & not miss any.  I'm on track with all the family birthdays and anniversaries - lots have been late, but they've all been sent!  Next year I may just do the kids.  :)  I love putting something homemade in the mail, and I thing next year maybe my goal will be to write a letter a week.  There are 51 birthdays and anniversaries in our family (not counting ours), so 52 letters is comparable.  A lot more writing, but if I set aside one time each week, just like I did one time each month to do cards, it might work.  Have a look at my new pinterest board for some inspiration.  Wanna join me in my snail mail fun?

Have a great weekend, and a joyful November!

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