Monday, January 12, 2015

Back to Scrapbooking

January feels so good. Gone are the to do lists and full calendar of December - I feel quite relaxed and like I have time to do things just for fun. With freer time and a new cutting machine (I got a Silhouette Portrait from Sean for Christmas!), I've been scrapbooking a bit.

I've finished up the layouts from the retreat that I didn't have titles for (I meant to pull out the Cricut (my old cutting machine that doesn't work very well anymore), but hadn't got around to it yet.  Also didn't get around to posting the ones I did have finished... Today I got out the camera and you should get to see the whole works of them soon.

Yesterday I left out on my desk the next bunch of photos to do, along with some papers I thought might work, but today in the mail came a stack of 6x6 paper pads that I had ordered - those are perfect for doing these kinds of pages!

These photos are from May last year - this is in progress with the new papers.  I so like that I have space to leave it until I can get back to it!  (I picked this page, with the 9 4x4 spots, because most of the photos on this side are vertical, and most of the ones that will go on the other side were horizontal.  I needed to pick a page that would suit both.)

A shot of my work space - there's the laptop and the Sillhouette... and the Carta Bella 'Boy Oh Boy' line of papers I'm using.

This was today's happy mail package.  :)

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