Sunday, January 04, 2015

It was a Merry Christmas

Our December:

We are done with Christmas concerts and recitals with Madeline and haven't started them yet with Nolan, so this was one attempt at making the month festive - a gingerbread train.  We all worked on it together, and Nolan was surprisingly tidy with his icing and candy placing!

Christmas Day was in Winnipeg this year - Sean and Nolan put together his sled before everyone else came over.


For the other side, we all went out to Circle Square Ranch yesterday.  What a great way to spend family time together - lots of space for the kids, and lots to do.  We'd all love to do it again.

Nolan went for his first little sled ride & did great!

I hope your holidays were full of love, joy, peace & hope, and that your new year holds many good things.

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