Thursday, February 05, 2015

2015 Word of the Year

I didn't think too long or hard about picking a word for this year; in fact, in December I thought that I wouldn't do one this year... and that's when HEALTHY popped into my mind.

Yeah, that fits.

I want our teenager to find a healthy state of mind, and healthy ways of dealing with life.

I want us to have healthy ways of dealing with our teenager!

I want our 3 year old to have a healthy level of attachment - to be able to go to sleep on his own, to be able to go to Sunday School on his own...

I want all our of relationships to be healthy.  I want for us to seek to understand each other and love each other well.

I want an always healthy marriage.

I want a physically healthy family & to feed them healthy meals.

I want us all to have healthy friendships and healthy hobbies.

I want our businesses to be healthy and growing.

I want us to have a healthy thriving church family that we are active in.

Of course we are not unhealthy in all those areas - like everyone, we have lots of ups and downs in lots of areas.  But in thinking about what is important to me and what I have been focusing on lately, healthy seems to be a word that fits in all areas. 

Having one word does seem to be a help as I pray - a springboard to know where to start and what to ask for. 

May your year be a healthy one, too.

(My words from other years are here.)


Nicole said...

My word is Trust this year.....Trust as my kids go off, Trust who He brings into our home, Major Trust when they have to leave. Trust for their future. I have a feeling I will be learning/grasping for Trust this year.

Carolyn Ward said...

Sounds like a great fit, Nicole. I hope there will be lots of leaning into trust rather than hard lessons.