Sunday, February 15, 2015

New Products

I got an invitation from the Regina Family Child Care Homes to be a part of their craft and trade sale happening on March 7 in conjunction with their annual conference.  It's from 8:30 - 4 at the Conexus Arts Centre, if you are close by and want to come.

It gave me a boost of motivation to sew up a few things that I've had in my mind for a while - Kid Sized wheat bags that are half as long as my regular ones (9x6), and mini 5x5 wheat bags to keep in the freezer as ice packs, or 'Owie Bags.'  I figure the crowd at a child care conference may be interested in some child specific products - here's hoping, anyway!

These are the kid sized bags - I've mad a few for friends before, but never had them listed in the shop until now.  I let Nolan pick one, so the blue cars bag is not in the shop, but the rest are available here.

And these are the Owie Bags.  They have covers that are removable, just like my bigger bags, but these have a full double layer of the flannel on one side, so you can choose your level of protection from the ice, or you can use the opening as a pocket to hold the bag in place.  This first batch is quite full, so a little difficult to get in and out of the cover; I think the next batch I will try a third less filling. You can find these in the shop here.

These next two are favourites - I love using N's hands to show the size of the bags.  He's a fun little hand model.

This one shows a regular bag and a kid sized one for comparison.  The owls are fun.

I found some time too, to make up new regular wheat bags - I've got 11 new patterns that I've just listed today.

I'm also hoping to have a booth at the Cathedral Village Arts Festival May 23rd, and at the Etsy Made In Canada Sale on September 26th.  I'll keep you posted on those as they get closer.

Thanks for having a look!

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