Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Adult Colouring Books

A while ago, on a trip to Chapters, I splurged and bought myself this colouring book.

On the first page I used both fine point markers and pencil crayons, and decided I liked the look of pencil crayons better; purging through some of M's cast offs last week, I expanded my pencil crayon count from 24 to 72.  I've completed a few pages and Nolan and I have coloured together a bit, and it's been a fun thing to have close by.

I've seen a number of other colouring books geared to adults lately, enough to know that is is a 'thing', and today I got an email from Margaret Feinberg (Author, Bible Teacher, Joy Seeker) talking about the one she has for sale - with Scripture! Her email highlighted 5 reasons why colouring is so great - read it here if you'd like.

While I was talking to Mom on the phone.

I loved the idea of an adult colouring book with Scripture.  Shipping was too high to order from her site, unfortunately, but it got me looking around online. I found this article from Business Insider saying that the best selling books on Amazon right now are adult colouring books! This one I've got was #2, and the #1 book was The Secret Garden by the same Author / Artist.

I know M has had some more intricate colouring books over the years that I've enjoyed with her - what about you? Have you been captured by the beauty of some of these new books? Are you thrilled with this new trend?

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