Saturday, November 07, 2015

Tis the Season... for Craft Sales!

I don't often go to craft sales to shop, honestly; when I do go, I'm one of those who shops for ideas that I can go home and make.

I am going to a bunch this fall, though, because I am selling at a bunch.  I am hoping that most shoppers are not like me, and are happy to buy rather than shop for ideas only at my table.  [If you do make your own stuff, that's awesome. I bet we would be friends. :)]

Last year I did two sales, they were moderately successful, but I figured this year I would rather do a few big ones through the year and then focus on the online side at Christmas.  Plans changed.  I did a sale at my nephew's school a few weeks ago, picked up a cancellation spot at Christ Lutheran last weekend, and now have 3 shows in the next 3 weeks.  And this weekend, while I'm not at a sale, I had a table at the Women's Wellness Day at my home church in Winnipeg.  Just got a report that it was a good day - thanks to all who bought my goods there and to my sister for manning the table! 

If you are in Southern Sask, this is where I'll be in the next few weeks:

First Annual Indoor CVAF Street Fair Christmas Craft Market
(Cathedral Village Arts Festival)
Saturday, November 14, 10-4
*There are sales in both the Westminster Cathedral and in the Cathedral Neighbourhood Centre.  I will be in the Neighbourhood Centre, 2900 13th Ave.

Wascana Rehab Crafty Creations Christmas Craft Sale
Friday, 20th, 12-8
Saturday, 21st, 9-5

Caronport Christmas Craft Sale
Friday, 27th, 5-10:30
Saturday, 28th, noon-10:30
Sunday, 29th, 1-5:30

Now my focus is to find balance between the sales and the online side - I've been sewing lots and producing buckets of goods, but haven't found the right time with the right lighting to get photos and then get them listed.  I aim to do that this week so there's actually stuff to buy in the shop...  Wish me luck!


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