Tuesday, November 25, 2008

flowers and toys and photos...

Here's a few snaps to illustrate my last month. This one is of the first snow. M's looking all slouchy trying to catch some flakes on her tongue - I love the narnia-esque feel of this shot through the front window.

I've been sort of busy with work - a new Bible study is filling one more night per week, and I'm in charge of the big Christmas banquet now. That combined with making stuff for the craft sale this weekend (I'm almost ready!) and trying to get around to finishing this paper have made my last month or so full. Not busy, and not stressed, which is really nice. But it is full. And I think life might continue to be full until January. Or April. Or someday. (That's why I have to enjoy it now!)

I got a new phone. My plan was up for renewal, so I upgraded my phone. For $0. Love that! And it's a dual flip with a full keyboard... still figuring out all the shortcuts, but it's kinda fun. And THEN - we've been talking about getting a laptop for a long time, and the time just seemed right, and we can use it now with me trying to work on papers in the evenings while Sean gets his only chance to be online... Doesn't seem right that we need two, but yeah. And it came with a *free* printer scanner copier machine that's fun, too!

November 18 is our anniversary - 2 years this year! We went out on the weekend before, since the 18th fell on a Tuesday, which happens to be the night of the new study I lead at the church. So we went for massages at Jane's Day Spa where my friend Kari works, then out for dinner, then out to another new restaurant to check it out for dessert. Just a nice night out. On Tuesday he surprised me with flowers. Our friend January owns a flowershop and does some great work. I should mention that I took this shot yesterday - this bouquet is almost a week old in this picture, and it still looks great!

Ok, that's it for tonight - remind me to blog about Lifehouse and the great show we saw... Later!

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