Thursday, November 27, 2008


Sean gets a lot of packages in the mail because of stuff he orders for his car... today I checked the mail, and there was a package pick up slip, for him, and another package... for ME! From Canadian Scrapbooker, with a copy of the winter edition coming out right away with my page in it! Yay! I was pretty stoked about that. When I get on the other computer, I'll post the page. Madeline still wants to be published (this one's of Sean), but now she wants a cover. Yeah, right, kid. Dream on! My page is on page 117, if you see the magazine and want to check it out...

I'm off to finish the price list for my craft sale on Saturday - the stuff's all made, but I'm thinking I could be in the mood for making a few more cards for the stash. I love that most of the stuff I made is stuff I could use myself if it doesn't sell, like the gift bags and the cards. Watch - they'll sell out and I'll be left with all the magic bags and magnets.

More machinery - we bought a Cricket the other week! They were on sale, and a group at the church is going to fund it for our scrapbooking group (thanks, ladies!!) We picked up a second cartridge yesterday, too, for 80% off at Michaels. I don't think I'd pay any more for them than that, but these two should do us for quite a while. If I ever bring it home to use, I'll have wall to wall machines down in my studio with the laptop and printer and sewing machine and serger! I really have to rethink the layout of that room.

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