Saturday, December 27, 2008

happy holidays... yes they really are.

We got to Winnipeg about 9 PM on Christmas Eve and stayed up with everyone that we hadn't seen since summer. My hair, which I thought was a pretty radical change didn't get much notice. I guess that makes sense since it looks different every time they see me.

Here's a picture of me and the new do, finally, not that you can really see it, and not that it's the most exciting thing in the picture... That's our new digital SLR we got for ourselves for Christmas. Yay for boxing day shopping in the city! I also got a new jacket and some dress pants and Sean got new shoes. But this camera. Oh, boy, is it fun. I like it a lot!!! We've been eyeing these up and pricing them out for a long time now.

Christmas was great - mom and dad and us three kids and our spouses and kids. Perfect. We shopped boxing day then most everyone was back for supper all together; today I watched the boys and then everyone was back together for supper. Tomorrow our aunt and cousins and kids will be here for supper too. Like my dad said at the table tonight - I don't think we've stopped eating! Happy Holidays!!

Funny story. My Dad has a PS3. Yeah, it's Papa's toy. Sean and Dave have been playing the racing game on it, and last night, Dave came back after he took Jess and the boys home (at 11!) So M went to bed at 11, Mom crashed at 12, I lasted till 1, and Sean and Dave and my Dad stayed up playing until 6:30 AM. We stay in the basement here, so I kept waking up to laughter - they had so much fun their stomachs hurt from laughing so much. At least I knew where Sean was - Jess woke up at 6:30 and thought that if Dave had been in an accident, someone would have called her, but she couldn't think of why he would have slept over here... She didn't consider that they were playing all night! And Mom commented that she knows Dad has been up late again when the paper is already in when she gets up!

That's them at what turned out to be the start of the marathon. And here's one of all the cousins.

So happy holidays to you all; hope they are as wonderful and restful and fun as ours.

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