Wednesday, December 10, 2008

tree decorating postponed due to minor fire...

Monday night I thought we were finally going to set up the tree. We don't have any hard and fast traditions about when we do this, but I like the first weekend in December. Not too early, but up long enough to be able to anticipate Christmas. Plus gifts are getting wrapped and there's somewhere to put them...

But this year's been busy for some reason. So Monday was open, I had eggnog in the fridge, and decided to whip up a few eggnog lattes while Madeline was clearing supper off the table. First problem was that we were out of espresso beans. Not a big deal, we decided just to make them with coffee. (I ground some Java House beans from Kenya for it - yum!) The coffee maker has issues. We have (sorry, had - there's some foreshadowing for ya) a decent coffee maker / milk frother / espresso maker combo that we got as a wedding present, which decided a while ago that the warranty must be up and that it would quit working. Sean, being handy as well as handsome, took it apart, figured it out the problem and fixed it. The only catch was that you had to turn it off as soon as your pot was made, since it would no longer do that on its own. He had made a couple of pots since the fix; I had not. So I made the coffee, and turned it off when it finished, but apparently not quite soon enough, because something melted through somewhere and got places hot that were not supposed to be hot and caused a little smoke to become a lot of smoke... The child was banished to the basement to save her lungs, the hero husband grabbed the whole coffee maker deal (after I saved the coffee) to take it outside and I grabbed the key to unlock the front door. As the hero lifted the coffee maker, the oxygen mixed with the heat and fuel source and turned our microwave stand (on which the coffee pot sat) into a candle. Minor fire. Coffee pot out into the snow. Oven mitt on fire to extinguish it. Both doors open, fan in the window. House temperature plummeting.

The smoke alarms never made a peep.

Instead of setting up the tree, we spent the evening, delicious homemade eggnog lattes in hand, at multiple stores picking up all new smoke detectors and a new microwave stand. The child went to bed late, the tree is still in the box in the corner, and the living room was used as a workshop to put together the new bigger and better furniture.

And so instead of a tree, I have a new kitchen and a story.
And I still have two weeks before Christmas to try again.

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