Thursday, February 17, 2011

Can't post now - Working out...

P90X has managed to take over our whole lives.

Our relax, do whatever we need to / feel like time in the evening has been hijacked by 60-90 minutes of sweating, plus the necessary showers after, at which point the clock says bedtime.

Sleep - we got lots before, but we do need it all now more than ever, and we don't push staying up as often as before.

Food - everthing that goes into our mouthes is evaluated (and on my part, recorded, because I like making lists and tracking things, and the program has a place to record it all, along with all your reps and weights in the workouts).

Even shopping, no, especially shopping.  Food shopping has altered to match the altered diet, but most of our other shopping as well seems to center on buying gym equipment and protein powders and bars...

This is not complaining - we are enjoying getting fit and the new shared interest and all the time together.  No, this is just my excuse to you for why I haven't written in over a week (gasp).  Oh, and because I've been too busy reading Clayton and Jen's blog.

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