Monday, February 21, 2011

Family Day, How We Love You.

You made it alright that I had to work on Saturday.
You made Sunday into another Saturday (minus the work).
You made it ok to stay up a little late on Sunday.  We didn't, because we were still so tired, but we could have.
You gave us another sleep in day.
You gave us time to experiment with breakfast.  Yummy smoothies.
You gave us a chance to go to the church for Lattes & Bouncy Castles... good visiting.
You gave us a weekday to go out for lunch.
You gave us hours to do work around the house and time to play and time to browse around online...
Family day, you are fabulous and we appreciate you.

M's off to bed now, and Sean will be home soon from golfing (yes, indoor).  That means soon we'll be pressing play and working out, but I think I have a few minutes to share some online finds.

This video caught my eye and imagination - color is a wonderful thing.

I love this scraproom transformation (it belongs to Donna Downey).  The 'before' would be amazing, but I love the brightness and colorfulness of the 'after'.

I downloaded a couple of quotes to print off from Becky Higgins' blog.  Wise words.  You can head there for the stories behind them.

Oh, and I did a bit of online shopping over the weekend!  I figured if Sean can order stuff online all the time, I shouldn't be shy about it, either.  :)   I like shopping for scrapbooking stuff in person, so I can see the whole thing and the textures and details, but there is nowhere to shop around here, and shipping is less than travelling!  Especially if you're shopping somewhere like Crafty Steals, where stuff is 50% off or more.  Thrifty, that's me.  I'm sure I'll be letting you know when the package at the door has MY name on it for a change!

I think that's all for now.  I'll save the photo of how M did my hair for another day...

Leave a comment - I would love to know what special or fun things you did today.


MOM (aka Granny) said...

My holiday day (we call it Louis Riel Day) was great, too. A nice balance between housework, volunteer work, watching a movie and wrapping birthday presents. AND I talked to YOU on the phone!

Cousin Karen in Calgary said...

Hey Carolyn - do you have a Michael's in Regina? We have one here is you need it, and a bunch of other stores too. Maybe I could help you out.