Sunday, February 06, 2011

It starts... Tomorrow.

P90X.  Extreme Home Fitness.  It's 90 days of intense working out and eating healthy and hopefully seeing great results and setting us up for a better lifestyle after.

We talked about doing it for a while, and looked for a cheap one on Used Regina, but finally just went out and bought one last weekend.  Then we got another mat and a pull up bar and resistance bands, protein supplements, new shoes, and some upgrades to our living room stereo system that we've been putting off, but which were necessary to do this upstairs.  (The basement's too small for us both to work out at once.)  We've got enough invested in this now that there's no backing out!  And that's why I didn't tell you until now - we had to keep that option open. 

Our measurements and 'before' photos have been taken - remember the fat tests we had done in junior high, with the little pinching tool?  Yeah, we bought ourselves one.  Crazy.  There's just one more thing to do before we press play tomorrow, and that's the fit test, to record a few 'before' numbers so we have something to compare end results to.

Wish us well - I'll keep you informed of our progress.  Probably won't post those photos until I have some after ones, though!!

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