Sunday, September 18, 2011

This and That

Highlights from the week:

* Book club was here on Thursday.  It was fun to have all the girls together again and make our picks for the next year.  Chocolate Zucchini Cake dominated the snack table.  Baby Anna made her first book club appearance, which was a nice treat.  M got to be down here with us for a while, too, which she loved.

* Going to Briercrest for the alumni basketball weekend.  I went out Friday night and got to see a few of the girls I played with - I didn't play myself, but kept them company on the bench and we had a good visit staying up late in the hotel after.  When I was pregnant with M, I played the whole time - think the season ended when I was 4 or 5 months.  I figured since I am 5 months now and have not been playing the whole time, it would be smart to sit it out.  I took a drive around town and a walk through all the buildings, checking out all my old routine places - boy, lots of memories.  Lots of people came to mind...  I remember so many of you and all the good times we had.

* Played in a golf tournament yesterday - I'm not sure this was a highlight, really, since I had lots of terrible shots, but the people part was good!  Sean won the longest drive - 350 yards!

* Went to check out the new Lowe's store & came home with a new vanity / sink for our bathroom reno.  Looking forward to redoing that room.

* I won Rider tickets - thanks Conexus Credit Union!  There was a link to enter on the site where I do my online banking, and I won.  Sweet.  They are for the game this Saturday, and I'll be at the Women's Day at church, so Sean and his dad are going to go.  It's Sean's birthday next week, so this can be an extra treat for his bday week.

* I started chopping down my Caragana bushes today - it was nice to spend the time outside, but also so nice to tackle that job.  We've lived here 11 years and I've never done a thing to them (oh, my poor gardening skills...)  They're still leafy up top, but bare and scraggly looking where we have to walk by everyday.  I looked into pruning info this summer, and found that this is the time to do it, so I cut a bunch today and tried not to fill too many dumpsters out back - next week I'll finish them up.

* Mmm - Just pulled some cookies out of the oven.  Gigantic chocolate chip ones.  A treat for our lunches this week.  I made amazingly rich peanut butter brownies for book club, too - so good.  I will keep the recipe for this one, but will wait a good long time before I make them again.  A little too good.  Speaking of yum, we went out to Dessart tonight for ice cream.  :)  On the not sweet side, I'm trying a new crock pot beef stew recipe tomorrow.  I have never found a great one, but I've decided this fall I will hunt till I get one that works for me.

* I spent some time this afternoon down in my studio going through stuff - another bunch of went out to the donate pile.  I am going to have to put some serious thought into what I am doing with all my stuff.  I don't have a crazy amount of scrapbooking or sewing stuff, but it's all in its proper place now, and I am going to have to figure out a new place for it all.  My desk and one bookshelf would fit in the new space, but we may leave that bookcase for M - I think we'll have to start moving it all to see how much storage she needs and what I will need to get for my new spot.

What were some highlights of your week?  What did you make?  Bake?  Who did you see?


Anonymous said...

I made grape jam. Yummm. As for what else I made...I guess I made time for my kids :)


Carolyn Ward said...

Making time for your kids is perhaps the best spent use of time ever. Nicely done!