Saturday, September 10, 2011


Ten days since I posted last - I realized that yesterday and wondered why, then realized it might have something to do with this time of year...

Let me fill you in on what life is like around here these days:

Madeline started grade 7 (Tues, August 30)
And piano lessons started the same day.
My bump is growing.

Bought my first maternity clothes today.

The neighbor has the new fence finally up!  Not finished yet, but it's progress.
We are going to perinatal classes once a week - some things are good to know, some of it feels like too much information... It is a fun date night, though!

We are on the hunt for a new piano.  Ours is terrible and needs replacing; we do have a free one offered to us that we have to decide about.

We go back to two services at church this week; between that and getting a community newsletter out, I've been putting in longer than average days.  Now that we've got this series up and running, it should go back to normal... Oh, except for the women's conference in two weeks.  :)  It's all good.

M got the teacher she wanted and all her friends are in her class, so she's a happy girl.  We have to decide on swimming lessons and / or indoor soccer and get her registered, then we're in full swing for the year.

We took a little trip to Winnipeg last weekend for the long weekend - that will be another post coming soon with lots of pictures...

Next on the agenda around the house is the bathroom.  We have to take out the toilet to put in the flooring, and the sink is cracked, so we have to replace either that or the whole vanity.  We are also looking to update the medicine cabinet / mirror situation.  There is a Lowe's store opening her right away, so we're in process of looking around at Rona & Home Depot to price out what they've got, then we'll check out the new store when it opens.  Then, let the renos begin!

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Anonymous said...

Love that baby bump!!! Hope you will have before and after shots of bathroom eventually!!!Nicole