Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Weekend in Winnipeg

We had a great time last weekend with the whole family.  This is the first time most of them have seen me with my baby belly - it was fun to show that off. 

Other than just seeing everyone, some highlights of the weekend were golfing with Sean, Dad & Dave, playing train dominoes till late into the night, and playing with little Zach.

I probably should address the football issue.  You'll notice a lot of Bomber gear in these shots (including Si's blue & yellow braces!) - the Labour Day Classic is an annual game between our two city's football teams.  They were 7-1 going into the game and Saskatchewan had a terrible season start and was at 1-7.  Lots of swaggering going into it from the Winnipeg side, I understand, although I generally abstain from all things having to do with the rivalry between the two teams.  So there we were, Sean watching the game with all the Bomber fan relatives - and the Riders win.  That game, played in Regina, is always followed by the same teams playing in Winnipeg the next weekend.  Apparently the Riders won again today... (sorry, guys!)  Good thing they're both going back to their own divisions to play after this.

Can't wait to go back!

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