Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Six Month Bump

Happy now?  Here's a couple of shots of the bump and some of my new clothes...  The sweatshirt kind of reminds me of one I wore pretty much every day in junior high.  (Remember that, Mom?)

Happy news from today - I'm going to the scrapbooking retreat next weekend!  This is the same one I've gone on with the girls for the last two years, that I had planned on NOT going to this year for a number of reasons.  It kept coming to mind, though, and the reasons for not going got less important, so today I checked into a few things and it's a go!  Looking forward to hanging out with Carla, Suzanne, Holly, Kathy and Brandie all weekend.  Now I have a week and a half to get pictures printed and some idea of what I want to work on.

This is what I accomplished at last year's retreat.

And these are from 2009.

One of these days I'll update the scrapbook on the sidebar there...


Anonymous said...

ADORABLE!!!Absolutely ADORABLE!!!And your clothes.....you are even trendy when you are pregnant....Enjoy!!!! Thanx for sharing. Nicole

MOM said...

Okay, now I really believe it is happening!