Monday, October 10, 2011

Thankful for my Handiman!

I put up photos recently of our bathroom reno; on Saturday, the man of the hour put a new back door on the house.  What a hero.  While he was doing that, I finished chopping down my caragana bushes that had grown into unruly trees, hoping that next spring I might get a nice new start to a hedge between us and the house to the west.  We took a little trip to the dump to get rid of the old door, the branches and M's old box spring, and when we got back, Mr. Fixit fixed M's squeaky bed frame, too.

Today we went on a tour of the hardware stores and came home with some subfloor, another box of flooring, an 8 foot length of countertop, two base cabinets and some lighting... all for my NEW STUDIO.  Did I mention that he's a hero?  I would honestly have been content with just my desk and a couple of shelves, but no, I get a 7x8" corner.  The base cabs and my desk are both unfinished, so I'll have to pick a stain color, and a paint for the outside bits, but oh, is it going to be nice.

Drums moved to the corner; my desk will go along that far wall.
Countertop, two cabinets, subfloor... oh, and a pile of magic bags!

 I'll keep the pictures coming as we get to it.  :)

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MOM said...

Wow! Your holiday weekend has been more productive than mine - unless you count the dinner yesterday and everyone over for left-overs today. Unfortunately, our meals may be just as long-lasting as your renovations. The food was not exactly weight-watcher approved. But Jess' pumpkin cheesecake was worth it.