Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Ultimate Feast... Polished Off!

... and now I look like I'm six months pregnant!  Oh, wait, maybe that's because I AM six months pregnant.  Twenty six and a half weeks, to be precise.  I remember the first weeks of being pregnant - how every week seemed like a major milestone; now they run together and I don't remember exactly how far along I am.  We're due January 18, so I'm going to call October 18 six months, November 18 (our 5th anniversary!) seven months, December 18 eight months, and January 18... don't know what I'll call January 18.  Baby's birthday, maybe? That works.

The ultimate feast was at Red Lobster.  We were heading for the Keg when Sean mentioned crab, so we turned the car around and ended up with an ultimate feast for each of us - lobster, snow crab legs and two kinds of shrimp.  Plus Caesar salad and yummy buns to start.  So good.  And I ate so much.  So happy.  The reason, if we need one, was that I wanted to take Sean out to thank him for all the good work and hard work he puts in around the house.  It might get done quicker if he wasn't such a perfectionist, but then he wouldn't get down to the studs and see the bad wiring that needs fixing... I feel safer now!  Notice all the new outlets right at my counter top level... :)  My next job is picking stain and paint colors.

Another reason to treat him to a great dinner was that this week I tried not to shop and just use up stuff in the freezer - it worked great, but there were a few not so inspiring meals in there.  I was ready for something delicious, so I guessed he might feel the same way.  Plus, M is out at the lake for a youth retreat this weekend, so we were child-free and date ready!  (The little one I'm carrying got in the way physically - not much stomach space in there! - but doesn't really cramp our dates just yet.)


I raked the yard today - half the yard.  I like raking - being outside & doing something physical...  I'm kinda glad it started to rain, though, because it gave me another excuse to go in.  I was at my limit after half the front yard, sad to say.  Can't quite do all that I used to.  Guess M will have to finish the job tomorrow when she gets home.

Congrats to Jess and Dave on 16 years of marriage - my sister and her husband have a great marriage and a great family and are a fantastic example to all who know them.  Thanks, you guys!!  Love you all.


MOM said...

So where is the picture of you looking 6 month pregnant? I'm missing all this stuff, you know!

Carolyn Ward said...

Ha ha - ok, I will take one just for you. Watch for it!

Anonymous said...

Other people will be watching too!!! ha ha Can't wait to see. I feel like I am missing out on sooo much too!!! Six months....That is has gone by soooo fast. Think of you guys often.... Dave is coaching soccer here. He was going to assist coach but there was no coach...groan. The season runs from sept-april....outdoors......Very wet practices. ha ha Nicole