Friday, October 12, 2012

I Could Tell You

I want to update my blog, but I have nothing to say.  That's what I just told Sean.

I could tell you about Nolan - he's into the kitchen cupboards these days and tonight bit through a K-cup for the first time.  He also shut his little finger in the cupboard door tonight, for the first time.  He's napping less and sleeping not as great at night these last few days.  Sigh.  He went 3 nights of sleeping right through, and we're hoping those come back soon.  He got two teeth on Monday - that makes 8.  We've got his dedication service planned at church for October 21, and are looking forward to having family join us for that.

I could tell you about Madeline - she's really enjoying this new soccer experience.  Three practices and one game so far, and she comes home with a red face and a smile.  She's off bowling with the youth group tonight, has a haircut booked for tomorrow morning and a soccer game in the afternoon.

I could tell you that balancing life is better some days than others, but I have pretty realistic expectations of myself, so I don't feel behind.  Today I wanted to clean the bathroom and change the bedsheets and got both done!  Plus managed a workout and shower during morning nap.  A successful day before noon even.  Today was P90X, Wednesday was Tae Bo.  I try to get to the Y for a weekly swim class with Nolan but skipped this week.  I was reading up on sleep issues for Nolan and read how routine is not only important for babies (makes for better naps which makes for better nights), it's also important for the mommies...  Which of course is true - if you schedule in the things that are priorities for you, you will end up doing more of that and less stuff that is less important.  So I thought through my week and our daily schedule - basically I'm going to try to accomplish my workouts and chore stuff in the morning; some while he's with me and some while he's napping.  His afternoon nap will be for quieter chores or reading or napping - recharging myself for the rest of the day.  It won't be too much different than it has been, but I'm going to focus on his naps again for him, and focus on getting in more exercise for me. 

I could tell you that Compassion's Blog Month in September was a success:  "Thanks to you 3,159 children were sponsored online in the month of September. We exceeded our goal of 3,108 children by the not so insignificant number of 51 additional lives"! 

I could tell you that Cutting for Stone was a very good book.  It is our book club read this month and I finished it up last night.  Sad to have it end, but good to know how it all resolves, you know?  That may have had something to do with why today was so productive.  Maybe.

I guess I found a few things I could tell you.

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Nicole said...

I told Ez that M is playing city soccer and he was impressed. He said she was a good soccer player. I thought that was a nice compliment. Always LOVE hearing what is going on with you guys!!!