Thursday, October 04, 2012

Surviving... and Enjoying

Two days ago was really rough.  Not enough sleep made for a day that took a lot more effort on my part!  I'm glad for the friend that called out of the blue and came over for tea.  Thanks, I needed that.

Yesterday was great all day long - we had two productive outings, and the time at home wasn't spent trying to keep Nolan out of places he shouldn't go.  Until the evening.  We really need a baby gate or two...

Today has been up and down a few times already.   Funny how diapering a baby can be the most frustrating part of your day - he flipped over INTO the poop and smeared it all over making his getaway.  I just put him down for a nap and wanted to post a few photos for you before I go grab some ZZZ's myself. 

Oh, and...        ***Happy Birthday, Mom!!***


I had a few minutes of creativity last week - made some cards for my mom's birthday (with the 'medal'), my sister's birthday (green), and for some friends to celebrate their baby boy (blue).

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MOM said...

Those awful diaper-changing stories are what become family legends that live on and get repeated at family gatherings, much to the embarrassment of the kids involved. Everyone needs to be laughed at and with at some point. Ask Jess about the poop on the wall and ask Jen about flinging diapers carelessly - great stories.

And thanks for the pictures and the birthday wishes.