Thursday, September 05, 2013

Little Pouches!

I've been wanting to sew some little pouches for a while now, and have a whole bunch of tutorials pinned and waiting... I finally jumped in, and made a whole bunch! I'm in love with these little beauties!

I love the bright colors, the colorful zippers, and the fun linings.  The orange with blue is in my purse, and I've given my mother-in-law one that is red with an orange inside.  It was special because it had zig zag stitching to fix the cut on the lining piece where Nolan practiced cutting with scissors.  I guess I shouldn't have taught him sitting at the sewing desk, but it made for a memorable fun little bag.

Click on over to the shop to see each one, if you'd like.  The shipping on these would be pretty cheap.  Just saying.  I've got more in the works already.

Thought I'd show you something else I finished recently.  These bibs are upcycled from an old towel - super solf, but the ends were frayed.  I used a bib my mom had made as a pattern and finished with bias tape and velcro.  They're great.

Lastly, a couple of better shots of the camera straps I made.  I'm going to have a table at the Women's Wellness Day at my family's church in Winnipeg at the beginning of November, so if you're planning to be there, you can pick something out in person.  There will be magic bags, coffee cozies, the little pouches and the camera straps.

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