Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Morning Fail - or - First Day of High School!

I wanted to post a first day of school photo for you today.

This morning, however, did not cooperate with that plan.  I though we had talked through all the stuff she needed to do, but for whatever reason - probably a dozen - the best laid plans were tossed in favor of rushing and stress and anger.

The anger on my part didn't last too long; once we were back home and settled playing in the back yard, I realized I should feel sympathy more than anger.  Yes, she could have had a much better morning, and hopefully all the mornings for the rest of the year will be!, but she is 14, and today is her first day of high school.  Who wouldn't be nervous about a new building, teachers, routines, and will I be able to find where I'm supposed to go?  Who wouldn't be nervous about finding her friends and meeting potential new ones and the sea of new faces, and boys, and whether friendships have changed over the summer, and if circles of girls can change? 

It is not a mom fail that she didn't respond as she has been trained when she was reminded to go back and brush her teeth. This morning as a whole was not great; not the worst we've ever had, but not one I'd like to repeat again soon, either; but it was not a mom fail.  It was one short morning that we get to do over tomorrow.  And the next day, and so on.  We each get unlimited second chances to practice better preparation, better routines, better responses.

So instead of first day photos, which I can still try to get this afternoon (and hm, the baby might actually be dressed by then), I'll share a few resources for Moms to help with the morning successes.

This post by Lysa TerKeurst is great on the school morning deal, and has links to a week's worth of emails she will send you to help you not become unglued over it all.

This post has five back to school prayers.

I'm halfway through this book and it has some pretty good stuff in it.

What helps your mornings to be great?

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Nicole said...

Ours was a really bad night before school...(all over a missing toothbrush)....and yes a very nervous 14yr old started his first day of highschool today too! Way more nervous than any of his older brothers. I think I had it together this morning as we had such an awful night before:( I tried to be prepared!!haha Our first day pics will be tommorrow as that is the actual full day....I was off the hook:) His choice!!!