Wednesday, November 20, 2013

22 = 2 to 2!

Translated: Nolan turned 22 months old yesterday, and that's two months to two years old!

I can ask him to get me out the cutting board, or an onion and the celery, and he does. (With a little help, of course.)

He does dishes almost daily (that just means playing in the kitchen sink), and can help unload the dishwasher, too.

Today's laundry folding got hampered (pun intended) by a Ring Around the Rosie party under the bedsheet parachute.

Chop Chop Timber, Duck Duck Goose, the Grand Old Duke of York, and the Hokey Pokey are new favourites thanks to swimming lessons.  Watching videos of himself at swimming lessons is also a favourite.

He notices Christmas trees and lights in the flyers - this is going to be a fun season!

He still wakes most nights needing to be re-covered, and it's not uncommon for his dreams to wake him, but his going to bed and sleeping till our alarm are great.  He's also going into the nursery at church and staying with other people very well, too.  A little freedom, there.

We've borrowed a couple of movies from friends - Tangled and Cars.  He's a fan, although Wallace and Grommit is still his favourite.  His joke today: Tom. Tom? Mater!!!  We want to pick up Madagascar next since he and dad have been singing Move It lately.  (I like to move it move it...)

Discovered he loves oranges - eats a mandarin almost every day.  He peels it mostly himself, then eats it 'hole ting!' - no sections for this guy, he likes it all in one piece.



Granny said...

Does he have to pick off every single speck of white stuff off the orange like his mom used to do?

Nicole said...

He is soooo stinkin cute!! Can't believe he is almost 2!!!

Carolyn Ward said...

Mom - No, I pick off a lot of it when I get the last of the peel off (he has trouble with the 'button' at the bottom), but he eats every little bit. Faster than I can eat mine. I can handle more than I used to, though.

Nicole - we think he is, too. Seriously. Every day.