Thursday, December 19, 2013

Mix It Up

We had an expensive bowl of popcorn the other day.  I thought popcorn might be a good afternoon snack for the kids, so I got the popcorn maker out from over the fridge where it sits behind my hand mixer.  I then opened the freezer to get out the popcorn (does everyone keep theirs in there?), forgetting that I had moved the mixer just out of the cupboard, onto the 4 inches of exposed fridge... half of which was the freezer door.  And of course it fell.

Honestly, I'm pretty sure I've done the same thing before.  This time however, when I turned it on, the motor sounded a little funny.

I mentioned it to the resident fix-it guy that night, and yesterday he took it to work with him to see if he could fix it.  In a text that morning, he said it was done for.  Oops.  So then I got to thinking that maybe I should think about whether or not I wanted a stand mixer... I was aware that I kept noticing them in multiple flyers this year, and even thought I've never felt the need for one in the past, I was maybe thinking that maybe I would like one after all...

So while N was napping, I looked through all the flyers to check prices.  While I was doing that?  Sean went out on his lunch hour and bought me one.

Looks pretty good there, I think!  Now to find some time to bake...

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