Thursday, December 05, 2013

The Tree & The Lights & The Boy

Our Nolan is wonder-filled at 'Mis-mas' as he calls it - the trees, the houses with lights on... It's been awesome to watch him take in the decorations of the season, and to explain all brand new what it's all about.  Here are a bunch of photos so you can enjoy, too.

This one was when Sean was getting the outside lights ready to put up.  (That was in October, but they didn't get turned on until this past weekend.)

Sean and I set up the tree Sunday night after the kids were in bed.  We wanted to do it all together Sunday, but with nap time and a friend's Christmas party, it didn't happen.  These are from Monday morning when Nolan first saw it.

And Monday morning we ran out to get a second strand of new blue and white lights, so this is Nolan enjoying the lights on the tree after his nap.  (And meet Rabbit, Brownie, and Blankie - he's not attached like some kids I know, but they are his bedtime friends and help him move from Mom to bed!)

Wednesday night was the next chance we had to be home all together - basketball and soccer take up lots of Madeline's time!  So the boxes got brought up and the tree got decorated.  Not many 'in-process' photos, but a few posed ones will do.  You'll notice Nolan was all dressed for a photo shoot...

And this morning...

In this first week of Advent we think about Hope (Madeline and I did the reading at church this past Sunday); may you be filled with hope as you head into this Christmas season, and may you, like Nolan, experience just a touch of the wonder of it all.

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Phyllis Ireland said...

Lovely pictures. I will need to watch online as I work @ the Bay all Dec.