Monday, January 27, 2014

And then he was two...

January has felt nice and slow.  After the fullness of the months leading up to Christmas, and then lots of family time and traveling, January has been fairly relaxed for me.  I haven't put too much effort into my shop, just slowly making a few things here and there.  Madeline is back at school, basketball, and soccer, and right now is in exams, so keeping her running is enough of a job!  We did have a birthday last weekend, but even that was pretty low key - I didn't even make a cake!  We had a few little families over for a playdate-party; opened a few presents and had some ice cream cake from DQ.  Nolan opened and enjoyed some of his gifts; we opened the ones from his friends first, and when he ran out of enthusiasm, we just put the ones from us away for the next day, which was his actual birthday anyway.  I did make some playdough for the little ones that came though.  I'll post that recipe and pictures soon.

Some highlights of the boy being two:
  • hearing him sing happy birthday to himself - the whole song!
  • when we went to Dairy Queen to pick out a cake, he climbed up into a booth, ready to eat it NOW!
  • learning to make a 'pop' sound with his finger in his mouth - I tried to help him with my finger, but when I told him to tighten up his lips, he tightened up his teeth... OUCH!
  • a trip to the doctor for a check up: he didn't want to climb on the scale to get weighed, but as soon as the nurse went to get a sucker to bribe him, he got on to 'practice'
  • He's 30 lbs and over 3 feet - that means he'll be tall when he grows up - over 6 feet.  I've heard for boys double their height at 2, and for girls, double their height at 18 months to find out their end height.
  • That's 95th percentile height and 85th percentile weight
  • He loves shoveling - we've had some good weather this week and he's agile in the snow and handles the shovel like a pro.
  • He can talk really well and make himself understood.
  • He is getting good at knowing his colours, and his letters are even starting to come along, thanks in part to his favourite show, Super Why!
'Calling' Granny from a phone at M's soccer game.

After swimming with Riley.

Playdough!  He loves to eat it, too.  Mmm - salty.

At the family center - rock a bye baby!

At DQ wanting to eat the cake.

Party day!

And the rest of the fam...

This 'LeapTop' is a new favourite.

A shot I love sent from a friend.

Gramma & Grampa came on his birthday.

He got himself in Daddy's boots.

In action - from the pile back on to the deck.

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