Wednesday, February 05, 2014

By Special Request...

In January I had two sales through Etsy plus one custom order that I'm still working on, one sale through Used Regina, and one custom order coming from that, I had one "Can you make this?" from a friend, and some little things that I made for Madeline.  So it was not too busy, but all over the map as far as what I was doing.

Bows for M - Madeline asked if I could take her shopping because she wanted new bows.  I had a look at one of hers, told her I could probably make them for her, and let her have a look through my stash.  The backings came in a package of four, so this is what she got.

Custom size magic bags - (forgot to take a picture...) The fellow who bought three magic bags emailed the next week saying a coworker saw him using one at work, and wondered could I make them twice as wide?  I was happily in between buying fabric and cutting it all up, so it worked out fine.  I've made one extra long, a couple of squares for a lady who was happy with the old size she had, but needed new ones, some small 'across the forehead for migraines' bags, and a handful of half size 'kid-sized' bags, but this is the first time I've done ones so big.  At $25 each, I'd do them again.

Boot shapers - a lady from church who has bought a number of things from me in the past sent me a link from another Etsy shop wondering if I could make 'something like this.'  It was a pair of boot shapers - have you ever seen these before?  I don't think I have, but I also keep my one pair of tall boots laying flat, so haven't thought of the need for something like that.  I played around with some stuff I had and came up with something that worked for her, and who knows?  It might be something that would sell well at a winter craft sale - one to keep in mind, anyway, especially when I see fabric on sale...

Zip pouch with dividers - The request for this was from a girl who wanted separate compartments for her quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies.  Obviously American - we would need one more compartment.  Add Toonies and Loonies and take away the pennies!  The first attempt at this was a learning experience - a little stiff.  This is the second try, but the dividers are still too loose fitting for my liking.  She can take it or leave it, but I'm not spending any more time on something that won't make me much.

What are you making these days??

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