Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Weekend Tournaments - Our Athlete in Action!

Madeline's soccer team has had bad luck getting into soccer tournaments this year - not enough teams their age in their division to make it work, mostly.  This weekend was their first of the year - (we get to go to Saskatoon soon for another, though, and are looking forward to that!) - and it was also the weekend of her only basketball tournament...  We are happy that there are only a few overlaps between those two schedules; it seemed almost comical that these tournaments ended up on the same weekend.

Happily missing one quarter of one basketball game was the extent of the overlap this weekend.  I got to run her around Friday night while Sean stayed home and put Nolan to bed, and I thankfully remembered to take advantage of the kid-less games to take my camera along.

KT tape for the shin splints.

Warm ups.

Notice all 10 of them have the same hairstyle??

She shoots...

I love how much fun she has with these girls.

Right in the action.

This tournament was on 1/2 size fields, so they split into two teams.

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Granny said...

She must have been exhausted after all that playing!