Thursday, February 20, 2014


Yes, for Canada in the Olympics of course (Bobsleigh and Hockey and Curling, oh my!), but we haven't actually watched as much as last time around.  Maybe the hosting and local time events and no toddler...? Our TV is more likely to be showing Tangled or SuperWhy.

What did make me get a sore throat was cheering for Madeline's soccer team - we were away at a tournament in Saskatoon all weekend.  They didn't make it to the final few, but did play some of their best games, and Madeline even scored a goal and got player of the game for one of them.  Woo Hoo!!  So proud of her, and she had a great time playing and hanging out with her soccer friends.  We enjoy some of the other parents that we've gotten to know over the year or so and had a good time visiting with them, too.

We found a new place we like in town called Birminghams - we've heard they have good nachos but keep ending up there on wings night so haven't tried yet.  When Sean mentioned to his business partner one time that we were going out, he asked what the occasion was, and was surprised when Sean told him we go out every week or two.  I sure appreciate that my husband sees that as important.

Playing the snow!  All four of us had a great time playing out in the snow in the backyard last night - many laughs, and I think good for all of us!

On the Calendar
Having M home this week for her winter break has been good (and the break from all the practices and games, too!), and she's looking forward to leaving again tomorrow for a youth trip to Edmonton.  One last event for our youth pastor who is leaving at the end of the month.  I wonder what will be next for our church in that area?

Short hair.  I went in last week and got a good chop.  Photos to come maybe if I ever get on the other side of the camera.  So don't hold your breath.  I've always done either short or long - this time it's just in between my shoulders and ears, so right in the middle.  I'm liking it a lot.

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