Saturday, October 18, 2008

First things for the Show!

I said I was going to post pictures as things get made... here's the gift bags I made tonight. I've got two other fabrics to cut into (that I got on sale at the end of last season!) and there are a few bags that I made last year that I never used; I'll throw those in for the variety. And these are great, too, because I'll just use what I don't sell!

I had class this weekend, and sketched out about 10 layouts while I was trying to stay awake... Just ordered some photos that I'll need for them, too, so on Tuesday when we get together, I'll be ready to go. Unless I do them all up on Monday when I'm at home! It will be nice to relax on my day off and not worry about papers. I did two biggies in the last month, so I'll take a few days to breathe before the next one.

We're going on a FIELD TRIP on Tuesday with the scrappers! We're all looking forward to going down south and checking out the lady that sells out of her basement. She had a storefront for a while, but had just moved it home when I discovered her. None of the others have been there, so I'm happy to take them.

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