Thursday, October 09, 2008

Wednesday's Homework

We've had homework every day for this 'Bling out Your Blog' class that I'm taking, and I've been bad. I've done it, but cheating-like. Monday we were supposed to blog about Autumn, and Tuesday we were supposed to let song lyrics inspire what we blogged... Adding a poll about what your favorite part of fall is, and linking back to this post inspired by song lyrics from a couple weeks ago is still doing my homework, isn't it?

My excuse - I've been too busy with the BLING part! It's been fun playing around with the layout and changing things up.

I will come back to that other homework. I will.

And now Wednesday's homework: I have to invite you to be involved! My experiences with offering a challenge (in real life, yet!) were a smashing success (read that with lots of sarcasm and check out this post) so I'm making this nice and easy. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think of the blog, or vote on my poll. Super simple, hey? I just want to know you were here, and who you are (and why the heck you're reading my blog!)

Thanks for playing and humoring me.


kim brimhall said...

you are doing awesome!! love that banner:)

love the link backs!

have fun blinging!!


Nadine said...

Nice blog, Carolyn. Looks like you are having fun with it. I like this poll, but I wanted to vote for a couple of things...maybe I'll come back and mess up your stats!

Enjoy the homework,

Jennifer Schneider said...

Hey Sista,
I read your blog because I love you and don't get to see you enough! Your course sounds fun and your blog looks great! Now I'm going to go take your poll!
Love Jen