Thursday, October 02, 2008

World Card Making Day

At our weekly scrapbooking get together last week, I took a couple of pages that I had put together of challenges from a dozen of my favorite challenge sites. **note - I have never actually participated in a challenge on any of these sites; I just like to check them out now and then.** So I circulated that to see if it inspired anyone - some people thought, "hey, cool" but no one jumped at the chance to stretch themselves, they just did what they brought with them to do. Which I understand. You pack what you're going to work on, and you don't have the photos, tools, colors, or whatever to do something different.

This week I gave them a verbal challenge - "This Saturday is World Card Making Day!" I told them, "So let's all make at least one card from our stash or scraps today!" I got a partially interested "Oh...?" a head tilt with questioning eyebrows, and the best, "Why? For who?" Ah, my friends make me laugh. And I am convinced that I do not need to spend my time coming up with challenges and fun things for them to experiment with; I simply need to unlock the door, set up the tables, and make sure the coffee's on.

In case YOU'RE interested, find more on World Card Making Day here.

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