Sunday, October 05, 2008

live goodie bags?

M had two birthday parties this weekend.

She started a new school this year because they moved the french immersion out of the school down the street, and now she gets to ride on the bus. Very exciting. She's in grade 4, is confident, and all her friends and french teachers moved to the same school, so it was a pretty easy transition. She's got most of the same girls she's been friends with since kindergarten in her class, but now there are 20 new friends! Good thing she's so social. Which, we learned, means more birthday parties to go to.

Today was a 3 hour Hannah Montana karoke party (and apparently she rocked the mic - no suprise there). Friday night till Saturday noon was a sleepover on a farm, and they had Petcetera come out with 10 animals for the girls to see / hold / get slithered on (yes they had a snake). On the farm they have lots of other animals, too - and guess what the goodie bag was for this animal themed party? The goodie bag for this one was a fish. A blue beta fish in a big jar that they got to decorate themselves.

M has wanted a pet forever. We keep saying no. And now she has one. I'm kind of glad, actually. She's trying to prove she's reliable so she can get a camera with her birthday money. This will sure give her that chance! We went to the library yesterday so she could get out a book on pet fish and how to look after them...

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