Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lazy Saturday

Today is the first Saturday after swimming lessons. It's extra quiet because M was out at an "Awakeover" last night - have you ever heard of this? It's self explanatory, really: the opposite of a sleepover, an awakeover is when the girls stay up all night. And at this age, they need adult help to do it. That doesn't quite seem right, but she was looking forward to it for weeks... after she wakes up we'll see if it was worth it!

There were 4 girl guide / pathfinder troups that did this crazy event together. Among other things, they went swimming at 3 am, toured the downtown post office, did a scavenger hunt at Sobeys, painted t-shirts, played laser tag, and ate breakfast at McDonalds. And as if that weren't ridiculous enough, she went to a birthday party for the 2 1/2 hours before it started. Yep. She'll be sleeping all day, I think, if we let her.

And because she was busy, we went out for supper, then picked her up and dropped her off, then out for dessert with friends. Nice night out for mom and dad - we quite enjoy some of the perks of her social life.

In school news, I have 3 papers to write in about 5 weeks, and I just found out that the next class (which starts in 5 weeks) has some pre-course work. {Big sigh.} Sean just smiled - "Don't you love school?" He thinks I bring it on myself. Yes, I do, but does that take away the right to grumble a bit about a heavy workload?? Really. And what's stressing me about it is that so far I don't have the books to get me the 160 extra pages of reading for THIS paper, which is deterring me from finishing it and getting on with the next one.

The other school news is that Carey is now offering a Master of Divinity, which I think will only be 4 classes more than the Master of Pastoral Ministry program I'm enrolled in. I'm in the process of checking out what exactly that means for me and then I'll probably switch to the MDiv for the more recognized degree. I figure I've got about 5 years left, if I do 2 classes a year...

Have a great day!

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