Sunday, March 08, 2009

on the upside...

My family called at lunch to say happy birthday, and my sister asked, "Are you feeling better?" I paused, then laughed - "Did you read my blog?" "Yes, and you made me cry!"

Sorry about that! Talking to her also reminded me that 5 years ago, Jess and Jen (and 4 year old Levi) came out for my birthday, and we had a decadent time going spa-ing in Moose Jaw. It was also a good day. (Not all bad.)

And today has been a good day, too. Sean and all his brothers are out at the farm sledding, so Lynsey (also on her own today because of the afore-mentioned brothers-sledding event) and I got to hang out this morning at church, and she and M's friend T who always comes to church with us came for lunch, and I made my favorite family scone recipe... And my Sunday School class had cupcakes for me, complete with Happy Birthday napkins, a big sparkler and singing! That was a good start.

This morning we were talking about living in the present; the video was about not hanging on to the past, and we talked a lot about the 'new reality' that sometimes we need to learn to live with, like it or not. Let me just say, my new reality is pretty good. Yes, five years ago, I had no idea what the future would bring, but I DID know that God was in control, and that he knew.

A job as a pastor, taking my masters, a new marriage... My reality right now is a good one. (I should clarify that list is chronological - my marriage is not at the bottom of the pile!!)

**We also talked about parenting a bit - instead of trying to keep your kids young, be present every minute. BE there with them. It does make a difference in wondering about their tomorrows. The more we're WITH them now, the better their future and ours will be.**

I was going to leave you with a photo from that decadent spa birthday, but I can't find them. Strange. Maybe they were not from my camera? But this one from my birthday in 2005 has a good story to it.

I got a call about 7:30 in the morning from a friend, saying she was having problems and could she come over and talk. Ok, sure, so I got out of bed, and was SURPRISED by these 4 coming to make me a birthday breakfast before they were off to school and work. What great friends.

***And Mom said today that she is coming for a visit next week! Yay! Happy birthday to me!***

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Sasha said...

Aww..and your post from yesterday got me all teary eyed ha.

Happy Birthday to you ..