Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Compassion Follow Up!

Good News!

Remember the Compassion child I was sent by Compassion and asked to find a sponsor for?

I had mentioned it to my mother-in-law on the phone and she had commented that she'd always wanted to do that. I emailed her the info and didn't hear back and forgot about it until she came for a visit a few weeks later. It came up again, and I showed her the picture, and she said, "Let me take this home with me..."

And I forgot all about it again. (Notice a pattern here?) Until tonight. She just called to check in with us and at the end of our conversation added, "Oh, yeah! We took on that Compassion child!" That's good news, but it gets better:

They had decided one morning that they would do it, and later that day in their Bible Study someone had brought an article which ended with an encouragement to take on a project and specifically mentioned Compassion. So she added her two cents and told their story, and another lady now has joined up and is sponsoring a mother and child.

So there you go, Compassion. Your little ploy to get more kids sponsored by sending out packets to existing sponsors worked well here. This time.

Update: Please leave a comment with your own story - who do you sponsor, through who and in what country? (Thanks, Mom! Good idea!)


MOM said...

Doing our good deeds privately and without fanfare is good and biblical but sometimes talking about our 'good deeds' encourages others to follow suit. Shanyan, our boy sponsored through Missions without Borders, is from Moldova. We took him on last year after Denis, our original sponsored child, turned 18 and left the program.

Karen said...

I have a few Compassion children... plus I've had the blessing of meeting some of them. Compassion definitely follows through on everything they say they are going to do!! As an advocate, I work to find sponsors for the children and speak out on behalf of the ministry. It is a ministry that I am proud to be a part of!!! All of my kids are sponsored through Compassion, Anahi, Hilda, and Silvana are from Ecuador, Johnathan is from Bolivia, Romane is from Ethiopia, Staylin is from the Dominican Republic, and Karla is from Columbia. If you are interested in sponsoring a child, you can go to www.compassion.ca/advocate/karennielsen