Saturday, June 06, 2009

Today I....

Sometimes I wonder about you people who come to visit... I love that you come, but do you really come to hear all about my day? If you don't, you can stop reading now, because that's what today's post is all about. Maybe another day I'll talk scrapbooking or my job (*hint* there's some news coming there soon, I think...) or something random that I found online, but today it's all about life as I experienced it today.

Went to work first thing this morning, which is unusual (have I mentioned that one of the things I appreciate about my job is the flexible hours?) because I had an appointment with my hairdresser at noon. That might be more exciting if I had a picture to show you, but I don't. Maybe soon. It's not that different, just trimmed up and a few blond highlights in the not-quite-as-coppery-as-I-was-expecting brown... (I'm not going to tell you that there were gray bits here and there that needed covering, cause we're just not going there.)

The salon was more of a laugh than usual today - not many customers, and lots of gabbing by the girls. Treena said to me at one point, "They obviously don't know what you do for a living, hey?" At one point, she got embarrassed by a story they told and got them back by letting them know that I was a pastor at her church. It was pretty comical to see their reactions as they realized all the things they had been talking about. Interesting, hey, that the presence of a 'pastor' changes how you think you should behave, or what your standards are?

I finished there with an hour and a half until M got home on the bus... free time! It's a full weekend, so I took advantage of it and went down to 13th. I stopped in at a cute little shop to check out a certain purse for Treena, then a few doors down at Dessart, our favorite shop in the city where I got an iced mochachino and some candy for class tonight. Then off down the street to the Paper Umbrella, another favorite place of mine that sells notebooks and not much else. Paper and pens and heaven. I picked up a new Ecojotter that will probably stay empty for a while. It takes a really good idea to mess up a brand new notebook. Last stop on 13th was at Safeway where I picked up some sushi for supper for M and I. Sean was going to be out with the guys, so I thought I'd surprise her.

Saw Sean off to Jerry's stag out at the Denzin's - Jerry's off to Mexico tomorrow morning to get married to Gaby on the 20th. We've met her and are looking forward to having her move here (and join us scrapbooking!) - and then M and I had our sushi. Not enough to fill us, so we had nacho chips & salsa & sour cream. We eat good when there's no meat and potatoes required! (Or bad, but bad is good in my books.) Half of a Grandma Schneider's Butter Cookie for dessert (because we'd already been into them for an after school snack) and we were good to go. M is over at a friend's for a sleepover, and I went to class.

The computer ate an hour or so when I got home, then I got my second wind at 11:30 (go to bed early when I'm the only one here? Yeah, right. You don't know me very well.) So that's when the laundry and dishes got done, and now I'm here, blogging away at almost 1 in the morning. This makes me happy. (And I have candy, remember, to keep me awake in class tomorrow!)

And that was my Friday. Aren't you glad you spend the time here? :) Love you!


Jessica said...

I'm here. I like hearing about you day.


Anonymous said...

I like hearing it too ... and I love your hair.

Jen S said...

I love hearing about your day...makes me feel closer to you! know, geographically speaking!

MOM said...

I love hearing about your day and the rest of the family and all that ordinary stuff that we would talk about on the phone if I was more of a phoning kind of person. I like the contact - just not the actually getting on the phone part. Keep up the good blogging.