Saturday, June 13, 2009

Gifted and Called

"I am a gifted woman and I have been called by God."

A goal of the seminar I was at last night and all day today was that all the women present could stand and say that with confidence. Also, that she would know how she was gifted, and what she would do to develop her gifts.

As well as a spiritual gifts test, we did a color-survey about personality types, and put those together, doing some exercises to see how we can work well together. We also talked about change, which is an important part of a weekend like this; if you teach those ideas but not how to change and adapt to using them, it's less likely to have lasting impact.

It was a good weekend, and I'm glad I went. My gifts, by the way, according to this survey, are Service, Giving, and then 4 tied: Administration, Evangelism, Leadership and Trust (or Faith). I would lump service in at the same level as the others, looking back at the questions. Giving (or Poverty in other words!) and Faith have been the highest before. I've chosen to focus on trying to develop the gifts of Administration and Leadership in my life.

Leave me a comment - does this sound like me? What are your gifts? And if you're feeling brave, are you using them? Or do you need to begin to play the part you've been called to?


Alexis said...

Faith, mercy, and encouragement are my gifts... (Based both on the various spiritual gifts inventories I've taken, and on my personal life experiences). It's funny... I've had the chance to actually watch the faith gift develop over time over the last half a decade...

Carolyn said...

I have watched and seen that, too. :) And those gifts sure fit with what you have coming up next.

MOM said...

I have the gift of raising wonderful, awesome kids and I love you all very much.