Monday, June 01, 2009

Monday bits

* Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad! Forty one years today - that's awesome. (We're at half-way to five...)

* Madeline has bronchitis & is home from school today. She's not that sick, but coughing quite a bit and I don't want the kids at school to catch it.

* Sean signed up for facebook this weekend. He held out for a long time, but finally got tired of missing out on things because they were only on FB and nobody emailed or called. Some friends, hey?

* My face cream reminds me of Grandma Schneider's bathroom. It doesn't smell like roses, but enough of the scent that I remember her just about every morning.

* This weekend was nice and sunny and quiet. We enjoyed it extra because I am going to BUSY every weekend from now until school ends. Oh, well. This weekend is class and COMEDY NIGHT!! (Wanna come? Tix are $10.) and Kayely's ordination service, next weekend M is off to girl guide camp, Sean is off to the races in Saskatoon and I'm attending a Gifted and Called seminar (why don't you come with me?? It's only $40.) and speaking at our service at Wascana Rehab Center, and then I've got both our young adult city wide clean up day at Soul's Harbour Rescue Mission's new building and a soccer tournament on the 20th. All good stuff... I can relax during the week in between weekends, right?

* Looking forward to scrapbooking with the girls tomorrow - maybe I'll even get something done to show you. FYI - if you live around here, we are going all through the summer, so plan to join us Tuesdays at 10 at the church. Your kids are welcome.

* I'm off to blitz clean the house and tackle my papers; sounds like a good procrastination day, so I'm sure I'll be back. Maybe with some pictures...


MOM said...

Thanks. Hope M is better today. Wish I could hug her.

Alexis said...

Hmmm... Maybe in July the Tuesday morning scrapbooking will work for me.

Give M a hug from me? Hope she's feeling better.

Jessica said...

My kids were quite upset about M's bronchitis until I told them it is like a really bad cold. They thought it was something life threatening!