Thursday, May 28, 2009

Highlights from my week

Kenyan Shoes - On Sunday I went to a shower where one of the other guests was an African lady. She has been here for some time, but still was wearing an African dress, and had made an African dish for the snack table. I was not sitting by her, and so did not get to talk to her until the end when we were leaving. I noticed her shoes were similar to mine (that I got in Kenya last year and was wearing for the first time this season). I asked where she got her shoes, and she said in Kenya. How fun to say, "Really? Me too!" She is from Zambia - I'm glad I got a chance to meet her.

More Africans - Tuesday morning I went to the Ladies Coffee Connection at church and sat at a table with two African ladies, and the one month old daughter of the one. Sometimes I'm not sure how to ask where someone's from, because I don't want to offend by assuming they have immigrated when they've been here their whole lives. So I asked the lady I was sitting beside (the cousin of the one with the baby) if she has lived in Regina long. A safe question. And no, she's only been here a month. So I asked, "Oh, where are you from?" I think I did laugh out loud when she replied, "Winnipeg." She came to visit and help when her cousin had the baby. I never did find out where in Africa they were from, but found out we did have something in common! I'm from Winnipeg, too...

We Win!!! - Tuesday we won our soccer game 3-1. And I think it was our first warm game, too! Our record is 2-4-1.

The Lost is Found - Tuesday after the win we went to DQ to celebrate, then to shoppers to get something, and then to another shoppers when the first didn't have what we were looking for. Then I realized my cell phone was not in my pocket. Hours of driving and checking and phoning later, we get a call that it was found at the last store. Big relief. This whole experience was more a negative than a highlight, but the getting it back was a relief.

Italian Prayers - Yesterday morning I put M's breakfast on the table and went to get her Bible (because I read a chapter to her while she's eating, since I eat earlier with Sean). I get back to the table to find her angelically praying with her eyes closed and hands clasped in front of her. Then she opens her eyes and says, "I said grace with an Italian accent!" Dear-a G-sus...

Green Trees - As I drove from our back lane onto the street, I was struck by the fact that the trees lining the street (and it's on older neighborhood, so there are lots) were GREEN! Not full leafy summer green, but they were definitely covered in new spring green. That was good for my soul. I drank it in all the way down the street.

Ultimate Fun - Last night I joined the young adults and youth at the legislative buildings to play some Ultimate Frisbee and had a GREAT time. So good to run around with friends. I'm glad I went and am planning to go again next week!

2000 Visitors!!! - When I checked here last night (when I should have been writing my paper that I never got around to) I noticed that my counter was at 2000. That's pretty awesome. Thanks for wanting to read what I have to tell! I started the counter last fall, when I started blogging more often, so that doesn't include the first two years of visitors, (but I'm not sure there even were any, then).

I've been thinking all week, "I should blog that!" and so now here you have it. FYI - if I just have a little snippet to share, I'll 'twitter' it - I'm treating Twitter like a mini blog, so check out the side -----> for the mini posts. Have a great day, everyone!


MOM said...

Hey, I'm in that 2000!

Carolyn Ward said...

Yeah, a few times... or a few hundred!