Thursday, May 14, 2009

Soccer Game #4 & Photo Shoot

We were up 5-2 at one point.
I thought we tied, but apparently I missed one of theirs.
And we lost. 6-5.
So sad.

Today, because we had pictures scheduled, we had rain in the forecast.
So I was emailing parents the plan A, B, C...
The rain held up, and we got to go with plan A, but it was cold like winter.
Poor kids.
But I actually had a lot of fun.
Getting to know the kids and their personalities, and some of the parents; there was a lot more interaction today.

We went in the van, because I had all the soccer stuff in the back already (we usually take the truck when we're all together). In the second half, Sean went for coffees. (Yes, he rocks.) When he got back, somewhere in the juggling of 2 coffees, his keys, my keys, and locking the door, everything ended up outside except my keys. The van keys. Which were safe and sound in the locked van.
Sean asked one of the other parents to give us a ride home so I could come back with the truck; slick plan, except that we jumped in the truck and halfway back I realized that I needed to get the SPARE KEYS from the house, and not just the truck. So we're even. We're both dorks. And that's ok, too, because when he got coffee, he also picked up a big yummy cinnamon bun for us to share later.

I can hear him warming it up now, so I gotta go! Yumminess calls. (And he's got a cinnamon bun!)

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