Friday, May 22, 2009

Trippy Test

Found this link on another blog: it's a test to see how well you can see color. I got 8; lower is better with 0 being perfect.



I was playing around to see how I could schedule this post to show up tomorrow (and if you know, let me know, as I haven't found it yet) and I stumbled on the 'compose' button beside the 'edit html' button on the create post page. WHY have I not noticed this before??? On this page I can do bullet points, change the font and size and color of the font, I can justify... Crazy. Funny what makes me happy. Why have I not noticed this in all these YEARS of blogging?


Where do I find all these other blogs that have all these cool links that I send you to? Well, in an attempt to increase visitors to my blog (what? It's true...) and because sometimes I have stuff that people might actually want to read, and because I like to check out all their blogs, once I post, I go to SIStv, my online scrapbooking community (where I am ranked a "fashion plate" for my 321 layouts, posts and comments) and I find the thread in the forums that says "Friday bloggers?" or something like that, and I leave a note and a link to here so they can come visit. And then I go check out the others that have been updated. And then I come back here to share the cool stuff they've found.


Alexis said...

Going back to your question a few posts back... I have had several really awesome mentors--they just didn't necessarily know they were mentoring me....

MOM said...

Hey, I got zero! Nice to be good at something!

Jessica said...

I got 18. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

i got a zero!

Anonymous said...

i got a zero!